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Ned Rig Finesse Fishing

Over the years, anglers have been asking fishing publications and websites, as well as manufacturers such as Z-Man, to offer tips and advice on the baits Midwest finesse anglers use and how and when to use them. So we've taken the liberty to design a dedicated page that offers tricks of the trade for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, also known as the "Ned Rig".

A modification of techniques pioneered by angling icons like Chuck Woods, Guido Hibdon, and Charlie Brewer, the Ned Rig was conceived and brought to mainstream attention by Ned Kehde, anavid angler and veteran fishing industry writer from Lawrence, Kansas. Kehde's small jighead and plastic combo may look unassuming on the surface, but its slow fall and darting action are astonishing, almost always eliciting strikes in even the toughest conditions.

With the introduction of the new Finesse T.R.D.™ stickbait and Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads—along with Midwest finesse staples like the Finesse WormZ™, Hula StickZ™, Finesse ShadZ™, and 3.75" StreakZ™ —anglers now have all the tools needed to employ the Ned Rig right at their fingertips.

Midwest finesse anglers, like Dave Reeves of Lansing, Kansas and Don Baldridge of Springfield, Missouri, have been creating helpful videos showing how to effectively rig and fish ElaZtech® finesse baits on small jigs to catch scores of fish when other methods fail to produce. Their contributions and instructional videos have prompted numerous anglers in the Ozarks to begin using the Ned Rig with great success.

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